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For the wealthy, it's all about asset protection. For many of us, it's about fighting the banksters, delaying foreclosure, learning to live without credit, and starting over. Surprisingly, both groups will use the same methods to improve their financial lives.

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USG Racing Toward Armageddon

In Washington mumbo-jumbo from the executive branch about “national security” suffices to negate statutory law and Constitutional requirements. Western Europe, seeing that the White House, Congress and the Federal Courts are impotent and unable to rein-in the Stasi Police State, has decided to create a European communication system that excludes US companies in order to protect the privacy of European citizens and government communications from the Washington Stasi.

via Does the USG Seek Armageddon? – LewRockwell.com.

Do You Feel Free?


Offshore trust

An offshore trust is simply a conventional trust that is formed under the law s of an offshore Asset protection: Asset-protection trust


Elder Law & Medicaid Asset Protection PlanningElder Law & Medicaid Asset Protection Planning
Educational Video about Elder Law, Elder Care, and Medicaid Asset Protection Planning / Medicaid Planning, featuring Evan H. Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorn…

Pedaling Through the Past

Pedaling Through the Past (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

Shepard Broad Law Center


Celebrity Entrepreneur Turns Passion for Asset Protection into Gold more. Making Healthcare Look Good. Inside and Out more. New Directions in Energy Law & Policy Symposium- Feb 6 & 7.


Protecting your Future: Sometimes law steps in, alters asset distribution
Times Herald-Record, on Wed, 26 Mar 2014 23:00:00 -0700
Elder law estate planning ensures that your assets pass to your beneficiaries as you wish, and not based on arbitrary state law. Unless you explicitly and legally make your desires known, however, asset distribution may be decided by the government.


To Get the Most Liability and Asset Protection for My LLC …


Where you file is not the end of the story when it comes to personal liability and asset protection in connection with your LLC. Also, the protections state LLC laws provide to LLCs may be ignored by the federal bankruptcy …


Asset Protection for Physicians and High-Risk Business Owners
Robert J. Mintz, published 2010, 256 pages

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Ending the War on Drugs

Washington’s massive, mindless and monumentally meretricious war on drugs is surely one of the largest social policy disasters ever launched from the corridors of the beltway. It has plagued the continent with savage drug cartels that thrive on government-created scarcity and the artificial 1000-fold elevation of drug prices which finance military-scale distribution networks. It has cruelly recruited millions of young people, especially in low-income neighborhoods, to a perilous life as drug smugglers, mules, runners and dealers or busted them for minor possession—-and then consigned them to extended sentences in the criminal training camps which comprise the nation’s bulging prisons. And it has foisted upwards of $40 billion per year on taxpayers for no valid purpose of state than to protect people from their own choices, habits, addictions and self-harm.

via Good Riddance – LewRockwell.com.


Medicaid Myths – Law Firm The Elder & Disability Law Center …


In those cases where planning was not done and the person is already in a
nursing home, assets may still be protected. With proper planning, under current
law, …

Elder law (Massachusetts)

Elder law denotes the law , regulations, and prevailing good legal practices Many protections for the elder can be agreed upon.


Domestic Asset Protection - Patrick Phancao; Esq. - Choosing the right ForumDomestic Asset Protection – Patrick Phancao; Esq. – Choosing the right Forum
When choosing a state law to protect your assets, it is important to consider a few factors in making that determination. This video covers why CA is not a g…


Fiscal Cliff, Estate Tax, Domestic Asset Protection Trust, Spousal …


An alternative is the use of a Domestic Asset Protection Trust created under the laws of a state which permit their creation, such as Nevada, Wyoming, or Tennessee. Even with the permanence of the $5 million estate and gift tax exemption, …

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Find Your Mail Order Bride Taboos ~ http://findyourmob.ga

Mail order bride is a name applied to a woman who posts her intent to wed someone from a different – frequently more economically developed – country. Historically, mail order brides were women who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected by men for matrimony. Now, the heavy lifting is being done by computers on the Net.

Logo of the United States Border Patrol.

Logo of the United States Border Patrol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When people hear mail order bride-to-be, they normally think of some inadequate, downtrodden woman in an impoverished nation looking for a rich guy to rescue her from her troubles.

There is a characteristic misconception that the guys who use these services are desperate. The reality is, many of these men are hectic business men looking to begin a family and discover a spouse without needing to date a woman for many years on end. Worldwide marital relationship organizations, or international marriage brokers (IMBs), are sensible for men who are looking for a woman who wants a spouse as much as they want a wife. Of course, the Web , email and instant messaging, and audio and video chat, have reorganized the procedure, making it a lot easier for people in various countries who are looking for relationships to communicate with one another.

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United States Border Patrol

within the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a component of San Diego Sector’s Operation Gatekeeper: patrol at the beach, San Diego county.

Estate Litigation Attorney at Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Wealth Strategies San Diego firmEstate Litigation Attorney at Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Wealth Strategies San Diego firm
http://www.strazzerimancini.com Estate Litigation Attorney at Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Wealth Strategies San Diego law firm is more than “Going to …

Find Asset Protection San Diego, California Law Firms …


Find listings and reviews for Asset Protection law firms in San Diego, California on Lawyers.com.
, on


California Courts and Judges
Kathy Morris Wolf, published 1996, 918 pages

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