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Minimum Standard Of Living

By on June 26, 2017

“Or suppose your objective is a society in which “everyone has at least a minimum standard of living.” What happens if someone can’t obtain that minimum through normal market exchanges? Who will be required to give up some of his wealth to bring the first person up to par? Will those who have to provide it be free? Will they refrain from trying to evade your laws? Will they continue to produce wealth they can’t keep?” – Harry Browne

Harry Browne first published How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World in 1973, while I was still in college.

I came across the book in the mid-1980s in the Jacksonville Public Library at a time when I was in a bad marriage. The basic premise of the book is to decide what you need to do to increase your happiness and freedom, determine the price you will have to pay, and then pay it.

In the quote above, Browne talks about an issue that is back in the news. From Occupy Wall Street to Feel the Bern, the idea of a European style social democracy increasingly calls for a national minimum “wage” to be paid to all.

What we are seeing is college graduates with limited job prospects in their chosen fields not facing reality. Same with middle management positions in major international corporations.

We send kids to public schools to train them for jobs and careers in sharp decline.

Now there is a movement to give a stipend to all. If done, it will fail. The people who will be taxed to pay for it will vote with their feet and move to a friendlier nation.

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