Myths About Tactical Flashlights

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Posted on: October 24, 2017

When it comes to picking out a weapon for self defense, a flashlight is typically not the first thing that comes up. That being said, when used correctly, it is an amazing tool for personal protection.

While it’s obvious a tactical flashlight is going to give you a whole lot more than a fundamental kitchen model, many individuals are puzzled when they hear the term, “tactical”.

Before we even get into the tactical and self-defense uses of a flashlight, let’s cover why you should certainly start carrying one even if you don’t plan on using it to thwart would-be attackers.

Tactical lights are created specially to be used either alongside a hand-held weapon or mounted on a long gun or handgun (a weapon light). There’s little point in blinding an intruder to gain an advantage if you can’t follow up and get the drop on him. Bluffing is not recommended.

Not only is the flashlight a great self-defense tool, but you can easily carry it anywhere, including where weapons of any kind are illegal to carry.

In comparison to conventional flashlights, tactical lights deliver more light from a more compact, lighter package.

When used effectively, the tactical flashlight is an superb tool for self defense. It merges the power to blind an attacker with night adapted vision with the benefits of the palm stick. It’s tricky to picture how valuable an incredibly bright light can be, until you’re shined with one in the dark.

Many confrontations and possible attacks can be repelled by basically shining a bright flashlight in your would-be-attackers eyes.

Every time you face a probable threat, shine your flashlight directly in an attacker’s eyes. Your attacker will probably reach his hands up to his face, and experience three to four seconds of disorientation and semi-blindness. That offers you sufficient time to either flee or attack.

Once relegated primarily to handymen, emergency responders, and law enforcement, flashlights have developed into much more reasonably available to the everyman – most notably one who understands that it is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

A top notch EDC flashlight should have some, if not all, of the following qualities: small size, a long lasting LED bulb, tough housing, water and shock resistance, numerous modes, temporary beam and beam modification.

Having a top notch flashlight can improve survivability in many circumstances in addition to it being extremely useful in day-to-day circumstances.

While keychain flashlights were once good for a week or two worth of minimal illumination, and no good in any respect in the rain, sleet, or snow, they are now a suitable way to boost the overall performance of your existing keychain.

There are quite a few already available to buy, but the absolute best keychain flashlights provide plenty of lumen output, a tough design — think titanium, steel, and aluminum — that can resist the rigors of keychain carry day in and day out, and a keychain attachment for integrating into your existing key ring.

The problem with keychain flashlights is that they can be hard to make properly, hard to keep working, and easily damaged.

For preppers, a combination of a tough tactical flashlight for defense, and EDC and keychain lights for every day use, you have one challenge of survival settled for every incident.

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