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Years ago, I helped ex-cons find jobs through a non-profit organization.  Most were non-violent drug offenders who are dumped back on the streets with not much chance of a job.  I won’t talk about our new American apartheid at this time, but I can say that our so called criminal justice system is creating a huge class of unemployable angry young men who could explode on society at any time.

As I was writing this, a number came up on MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry:


U.S. Adults in State or Federal Prison or Local Jail:



That’s 2.2 million.  Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have smaller populations.  If you add adults who are incarcerated with those on parole or probation, the number jumps to 6,899,000.  Almost 7 million.  This is seven million people who are going to have difficulty getting hired in traditional jobs.


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In addition, having a criminal record might mean you will have trouble getting or even be excluded from receiving a driver’s license, student loan, public housing, or food stamps.  How can you go from a jail cell to a contributing member of society on your own without extra impediments?


From that time, I have been developing a system of anytime anywhere income so ex-cons can earn an honest living without depending on an employer or kissing anyone’s ass.  Many ex-cons went to jail for a reason. They’re screwups. They don’t have job skills, and when they have jobs, they mess them up or just don’t show up.

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