Fighting Diabetes

Fighting Diabetes

Diabetes is kicking my ass. My desire to eat carbs had run my sugar up to 505. Not good. The only thing that works for me is fasting to knock the blood glucose numbers down. It’s harder and harder to exercise and eat non-starchy foods. I have started a new water fast. Actually a no calorie beverage fast to include black coffee and cold herbal tea.

The water fast did not last long enough to be permanent. I have switched to a modified Daniel Fast which is stricter than the Bible.

After only 1 week of eating my trays of whole food, plant-based, low-oil meals, blood sugar is under control. The only spikes come when I give into banana chips as a crunchy snack.

I placed an order on Amazon to get a multivitamin for old fart men. Should be here tomorrow. I have embarked on a 21 day fast, or as many days as I can handle. I can’t wait any longer to drive diabetes out of my life.

Note: Not eating will make getting used to my partials easier. I can wear them all the time except when sleeping.

This next 100 days is about many things, but the number one priority is defeating diabetes. It doesn’t matter how much I write or how much I walk. This starts with a difficult fast, and a whole food plant based vegan recovery.

I have at least 200,000 words available for posting online. While I will concentrate on the 3,000 words a day again, I need to post my notebooks info, scan the pages, and get rid of the paper.

If you have Type II Diabetes, check out the Big Diabetes Lie.


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