Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Ground Zero


I’m back at ground zero again.  Not surprising since every day you wake up you are at ground zero.  Ask the Stoics.


When it comes to health, wealth, and relationships, I am not where I want to be.  


My diet is vegan 100%.  Even radical vegan where I don’t use animal products like wool, leather, or honey.  This is the brightest spot in my daily life.  


I am now going to McDougall’s starch based style of vegan to see if I can make that work to reverse diabetes.  I always liked wheat, corn, rice, and potatoes.  I will take it easy on processed foods like bread and french fries, but the others are now the staple of my diet.


Note:  McDougall does not work for me.  I have tackled diabetes by giving up most grains and carbs, and by adding oil to my diet so I don’t get hungry.


I have a dozen blogs.  I need to pick one as my new ground zero test and to make the outline for the monster pdf for Walkabout Solopreneur.  Only by starting from ground zero can I see what works today.


Earlier today, I discovered what will be my new office – Lucky’s Market Panera Bread.  I hope you have one near you.  As a vegan, they have the best produce section, great weekly specials (on Wednesdays, you get last week’s and this week’s specials on the same day), and fast wifi in the coffee shop.


I need to get my finances in order and find the countries I want to visit and find a “forever home” if I can.



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