Burn Down the Freaking Mission




I’m breaking no laws I’m a passionate just I am NOT this is public own property and I am not trust us and go I’m actually Tilly back right and what law in my violating my stand up here trespassing this is public property city proper this is city property owned by the public and I’m breaking no laws now I’m telling you leave why is that I’m telling you to leave and give me a reason for that third doing positive 25 give me a reason to class



I wait wait now you are all right really yep here’s I’m breaking the law we have you public property up I told you what I’m not gonna tell you again you cannot rescue ok I am finally no walls no City work I’m here yeah done and done 25 now is protein lock up my car right here we got surrounding it course make me a sinner trespassing numbers each them all not trespassing I’m on public property filming you guys in public access other it’s not trespassing ok just stay right here I anything dude really slam my phone public proper like doing public properties vary guy of all there’s no trespassing sir listen it’s a safety issue you can film and hang out all you want we still right there no there’s no longer keeping you all back here no i didnt broke no law tight brittany lon sir retweet old were you told to step back no they asked me no they did not tell me letting them feel hit he’d come up and said I was trespassing in our public property and I’m filming and I have a clear I have a right to do that you have a right to do that but when you’re told you got me I’m breaking the wall even if you tell me to leave off the public property if I’m not violating the law have you not have to actually privacy not it’s a city this is public oh right and they have position in stock right now listen bubbly owes you something sugary straight man i have my tinted you cannot arrest me for trespassing on public property dude


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