Which Statues

Which Statues

I can’t tell where all the civil unrest in the U.S. is going to end. What I do know though, is that homes and land in rural areas are growing in value every day. I’m sure they’ll be a short-term spike, and then when people realize how hard it is to live in the country, they may change their minds.


Maybe it’s time for reruns of Green Acres.


The current situation in Seattle Washington with the Capitol Hill autonomous Zone, or Chaz, my online nickname, is not going to end well.


Elected officials are doing nothing. Stores have been boarded up and a fence has been built around the six block area. Guards prevent people from coming in. maybe Trump should hire these people to build the southern border wall to prevent Mexicans from coming across.


The big winners from all this unrest are the Chinese, and maybe the Iranians.


Some people are calling this an all-out Civil War. I don’t believe we’re there yet oh, and I don’t believe that Americans have the stones to really carry out a real Revolution.


Many left-wing politicians are moving to tear down Confederate statues, statues of Columbus, and others that are no longer politically correct. 


Many of the same people criticized Isis when they blew up a centuries-old statue of Buddha in the Middle East.


The trouble with the new manifestations of political correctness is they seem to change with the wind. There is no underlying political philosophy except that Trump sucks and all white people are racist.


I don’t know how far this tearing down of our founding fathers will continue, but when it gets to Jefferson and Washington, I think the fly over Americans May step up their game.


In London, black lives matter protesters seem to be going after Winston Churchill. Was he a racist? Of course. He put down every black and brown person in the old British Empire.


But it’s amazing to me how we can judge people in history by today’s standards.


Every time I think I need to try to create a regular column online we’re dealing with today’s issues from the perspective of the individual, I look at it as kind of a waste of time.


I’m not a conservative. But even as a Libertarian, I don’t see any room for free speech in this country any longer.


What I need to do is something I haven’t done in the past which is build up my email list, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and my Twitter account to have an audience that is captive.


This is not about marketing. This is about having fans who will come and purchase my Kindle eBooks online.


The hundreds of calls around the country to defund the police are amazing. And misguided. What needs to happen is for a call to demilitarize the police.


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